Volume & Issue: Volume 74, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Pages 1-102 

Original Articles

1. Production of Brucella lumazine Synthase Recombinant Protein to Design a Subunit Vaccine against Undulant Fever

Pages 1-6

R. Akbari; M. H. Sekhavati; A. Bahrami; R. Majidzadeh Heravi; S. Yousefi

2. Designing a polytopic complex vaccine candidate against Gallibacterium anatis: an In-silico study

Pages 7-20

S. Ataei; M. M. Ranjbar; N. Motamed; S. Ataei Kachooei; F. Amini Njafi

5. Development of a Lateral Flow Immunoassay Using Recombinant Dense Granular Antigen (GRA) 7 to Detect Anti-Toxoplasma gondii IgG Antibodies

Pages 39-49

H. Morovati; S. J. Seyyed Tabaei; M. Gholamzad; K. Omidfar; A. Ahmadi; Z. Arab Mazar; A. Eshaghi; F. Sheikhsofla

6. Experimental Infection of Turkeys with A Virulent Newcastle Disease Virus Isolated from Broiler Chickens

Pages 51-57

R. A. Jafari; Z. Boroomand; Annahita Rezaie; M. Mayahi; A. Nejati Saravi

7. Evaluation of Pertussis Toxin Expression in B2 and THIJS Media

Pages 59-67

H. Moradtalab; M. Noofeli; H. Zeighami; F. Haghi