Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, Winter 1960, Pages 1-127 
3. Tabanidae of Iran, I- A Review of Literature

Pages 19-23

Institute of Parasitology and Malariology, Tehran, Iran

9. Preparation of antirabies serum from the mule

Pages 73-79

H. Mirchamsy; J. Razavi; M. Bahmanyar

Original Articles

10. Electrophoretlc Study of Antirabies serum

Pages 81-84

H. Mir Chamsy; A. Korour; M. Bahmanyar

11. Concentration of Antirables serum

Pages 85-89

H. Mir Chamsy; F. Nazari; M. Bahmanyar

Original Articles

13. Etat actuel de la fièvre aphteuse en Iran

Pages 97-98

A. Rafyi; H. Ramyar

14. Bovine Pasteurellosis in Iran

Pages 99-105

M. Kaweh; V. Sohrab; M. Bahar-Sefat