Volume & Issue: Volume 65, Issue 2, Autumn 2010 
1. Organic Circulation and persistence of Foot – and – Mouth disease virus type O in guinea pig

Pages 67-73

M. Eslampanah; H. Mahravani; M.H. Hablolvarid; H. Isadi; M. Sotudeh; F. Jirani; F. Talebloo

3. Serum Enzymes Studies in Scorpion (Hemiscorpius lepturus) Dose Related Envenomation in Rabbits

Pages 83-89

Sh. Teimourzadeh; S. Mahmoodi Khatoonabadi; A. Zare Mirakabadi; Gh.H. Sabiri

5. Aflatoxin M1 contamination of raw and pasteurized milk produced in Sanandaj, Iran

Pages 99-104

B. Mohammadian; M. Khezri; N. Ghasemipour; Sh. Mafakheri; P. Poorghafour Langroudi

6. An Unusual Occurrence of Actinobacillosis in Heifers and Cows in A Dairy Herd in Tehran suburb-Iran

Pages 105-110

N. Atyabi; A. Khodakaram Tafti; T. Taghipour Bazargani; Gh. Faghanizadeh