Volume & Issue: Volume 63, Issue 2, Summer 2008 
3. Preparation and in-vitro evaluation of sodium alginate microspheres containing diphtheria toxoid as new vaccine delivery

Pages 19-28

N. Mohammadpour Dounighi; S.A. Mortazavi; A. Rezaei Mokarram; H. Zolfagharian; M.J. Alonso

4. Experimental vaccination of sheep against hydatid cyst using EG95 recombinant vaccine

Pages 29-34

Gh.R. Motamedi; Gh.R. Karimi; A.H. Dalimi; D.D. Heath; H. Paykari

5. Detection of Ornithobilharzia turkestanikum cercaria (trematoda) by nested-PCR in intermediate host snail, Lymnaea gedrosiana

Pages 35-40

N. Motamedi; R. Salehi Tabar; A.H. Dalimi; H. Paykari; S.A. Ghorashi; Gh.R Motamedi; Gh.R. Karimi

6. Prevalence of Canine Parvovirus (CPV) in diarrheic dogs referred to veterinary hospital in Ahvaz

Pages 41-46

R. Avizeh; B. M. Ghorbanpoor Najafabad; B. Mosallanejad; R. A. Ronagh