Volume & Issue: Volume 66, Issue 2, Autumn 2011 
1. Appling real time RT-PCR for bluetongue virus detection in Iran

Pages 75-80

A. Shoshtari; F. Jeirani; H. Mahravani; S.M. Azimi

2. Molecular typing of toxigenic Clostridum perfringens isolated from sheep in Iran

Pages 81-86

M. Moosawi shooshtari; R. Pilehchian Langroudi; M. Esmaelizad; S.A.R. Afshari Far; A.R. Jabbari; L. Abdolmohammadi Khiav

11. Antivenom injection time related effects of Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion envenomation in rabbits

Pages 139-145

S. Mahmoodi Khatoonabadi; A. Zare Mirakabadi; S. Teimoorzadeh

12. StudyCapture myopathy in red deer and wild goat

Pages 147-149

J. Mirian; A. Alhami; H. Hamidieh