Volume & Issue: Volume 77, Issue 6, November and December 2022, Pages 2013-2437 
Comparative Analysis of the Efficacies of the GeneXpert and Solid Culture Media Techniques in the Diagnosis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Pages 2065-2072


Z Nadeem; J Iqbal; S Kausar; A Gasmi Benahmed; S Noor; F. S Khan; I Saleem; N Munir; M Riaz; M Akram; P. O Oladoye; S. A Salim; A. A Abed; W. F Elbossaty; A Gasmi

Evaluation of the Effect of Peppermint Extract and Probiotics on Biochemical Factors in the Blood of Ascites-Induced Chickens

Pages 2243-2250


R Obaid Saleh; S Jawdat Abdul-Abbas; S Naji Aziz; S Ghazi Al-Shawi; A Yacoob Yousif; T Ahmed Hamza; M Khudair Hasan; K. A Zwain; Y Fakri Mustafa

The Clinical Management of Deconditioned Patient

Pages 2251-2258


K. I Prashchayeu; A. N Ilnitski; T. V Evdokimova; L. V Titareva; E. I Korshun; L. I Postnikova

Molecular Interplay of John Cunningham Virus with Interleukin 1 Beta in Colorectal Carcinomatous Tissues from a Group of Iraqi Patients

Pages 2299-2306


Z Muhsen M Ali; H Ghaith Sachit; M Jaafar Hussein; S. H Mohammed Ali; S. H Mohammed Al-Alwany; A Khalil Hussein

First Molecular Genotyping of Cryptosporidium felis in Cattle, Iraq

Pages 2345-2352


G. J. K Al-Abedi; E. M. M Al-Eodawee; S Khalili; H. A. J Gharban

Strongyloides and Eimeria Infection and Its Treatment Way in Sheep

Pages 2359-2363


A Akhmetzhanova; S Duyssembaev; N Zhanat; A Koigeldinova; S Tussupov

First Molecular Detection and Phylogenetic Analysis of Ehrlichia canis in Dogs from Baghdad, Iraq

Pages 2431-2437


N Mohammed Badawi; M Mahmoud Qasim; M Abbas Al-Graibawi; J Mamood Khalaf; A Abdulrahman Yousif