Volume & Issue: Volume 62, Issue 2, Spring 2007 
1. Genetic and antigenic analysis of type O and A FMD viruses isolated in Iran

Pages 63-68


M. Sotudeh; M. Taghizadeh; M. Salehizadeh; H. Izadi; H. Keyvanfar; H. Mahravani; S.A. Ghorashi

3. Tuberculosis in buffalo: the first report on the phenotypic and genetic characteristics of the isolated organism in Western Azarbaijan, Iran

Pages 75-82


R. Arefpajoohi; M. Mohammad Taheri; M.R. Seyfiabad Shapouri; M.M. Feizabadi; M. Jamshidian; N. Mosavari; K. Tadayon

6. Application of PCR on detection of aflatoxinogenic fungi

Pages 95-100


A.H. Shooshtari; S. Mohammadi; S. Shahsavandi; S.A. Pourbakhsh; S.J. Hashemi; M. Erami; Z. Jahanshiri

7. A serological survey for hydatidosis among buffaloes in Orumia

Pages 101-104


S. Navidpour; N. Abshar; Gh.R. Motamedi; Gh.R. Karimi; H. Paykari

8. Serological survey of pestivirus infection of small ruminants in Ahvaz, Iran

Pages 105-108


M. Lotfi; M.R. Hajikolaei; M.R. Seyfiabad Shapouri; A. Rasouli; A. Karimi