Bacteriologic survey on infectious cellulitis in broiler chickens in Masjid Soleiman slaughterhouse, Iran



Over the past several years increasing of cellulites in some regions of the country has been reported. During August and September of 2005, 4.48% of total slaughtered broilers were condemned due to cellulitis in Masjid Soleiman slaughterhouse. Four out of 98 slaughtered flocks were infected to cellulitis. The condemnation rates in infected flocks were: flock 1: 1.55%, flock 2: 0.993%, flock 3: 0.639% and flock 4: 1.66%. Bacteriologic examinations using standard biochemical techniques showed E.coli has been the most commonly isolated bacteria (90%). Sensitivity test showed diverse results which may represent different levels of various antibiotics consumption by poultry flocks.