Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 1, Winter 1981, Pages 1-104 

Original Articles

1. Efficacy of oral poliovaccine made in human diploid cells

Pages 1-14


H. Mirchamsy; A. Shafyi; A. Sassani

2. Study on hepatitis B virus infection using electron microscopy and gel diffusion techniques

Pages 15-20


MS. Shahrabadi; M. Khodashenas; R. Kargar; A. Bigdelli,; M. Tabarestani; M. Shariaty

7. Morphological development of mumps virus in vero cells

Pages 59-74


M. Khodashenas; M.S. Shahrabadi; P. Nazari; A. Shafyi; R. Kargar

8. Bacillus anthracis isolated from aborted bovine fetuses

Pages 75-79


l. Vand Yoosefi; J. Aarabi; A. H. Esterabadi; A. Ezzi

9. Isolation of Acticomyces bovis pseudo - alveolar hydatid cysts

Pages 81-89


I. Mobedi; J. Vandyoosefi; A. Talebi-Najad; J. Akbarzadeh

10. Diarrhea in calves, diagnosis and incidence around Tehran

Pages 91-98


R. Kargar; J. Vandyoosefi; M.S. Shahrabadi; M. Khodashenas; B. Heidarzadeh