Inhibitory effects of Clindamycin on shedding of Toxoplasma gondii oocyst and its comparison with Monensin in kitten



  The efficacy of Clindamycin and Monensin were evaluated in the prevention of oocyst shedding of kittens with Toxoplasma gondii (Tehran strain). In this study, 28 healthy kittens aged 1.5 – 2 months old divided randomly into 4 groups of seven. In group 1, Kittens were fed with the infected brain tissues of mice, all of seven kittens (100 %), shed oocyst, nearly 1 week after infection, which lasted for 8 to 9 days. In group 2, kittens were fed with infected brain tissues of mice and Clindamycin at dose of 20 mg/kg from day -3 to + 21 after infections, none of seven kittens, shed any oocyst. In group 3, kittens were fed with Clindamycin at dose of 10 mg/kg, same as group 2, two of 7 kittens (28/6%), began to shed oocyst from day 11 to 18 after infection. Kittens of group 4 that were fed with Monensin at dose of 0.02 % incorporated in dry food did not shed any oocyst. Data analysis revealed that Clindamycin 20mg/kg and Monensin 0.02% had a 100% inhibitory effect against Toxoplasma gondii (Tehran strain). No adverse reactions were observed during the experimental period.