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1. Seroepidemiological analysis of Leptospiral infection in stray dogs by MAT from rural communities of koohsar, Alborz, Iran

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 10 May 2020


A. Fahimipour; P. Khaki; S. Moradi Bidhendi

4. Molecular Detection of Anaplasma Phagocytophilum as a Zoonotic Agent in Owned and Stray Dogs in Tehran, Iran

Volume 74, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Pages 33-38


A. Yousefi; M. R. Chaechi Nosrati; A. Golmohammadi; S. Azami

6. A Serological Survey of Neospora caninum Infection in Urban and Rural Dogs in Ahvaz District, Southwest of Iran

Volume 73, Issue 3, Summer 2018, Pages 215-221


B. Mosallanejad; S. Bahrami; H. Hamidinejat; S. Ghanavati

7. Molecular Detection of Hepatozoon canis in Dogs of Ardabil Province, Northwest of Iran

Volume 72, Issue 3, Summer 2017, Pages 197-201


A. Dalimi; F. Jameie; A. Mohammadiha; M. Barati; S. Molaei

8. A survey of gastrointestinal helminth of stray dogs in Zabol city, southeastern of Iran

Volume 71, Issue 1, Winter 2016, Pages 57-60


A. Geraili; Y. Maroufi; M. Dabirzadeh; H. Noormohammadi; M. Khoshsima Shahrak

9. Molecular detection of Neospora caninum from naturally infected dogs in Lorestan province, West of Iran

Volume 69, Issue 2, Autumn 2014, Pages 185-190


F. Ghafarifar; Gh. Sabevarinejad; A. Dalimi; M. Forouzandeh-Moghadam

10. A comparison between PCR and Immunochromatography assay (ICA) in diagnosis of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis caused by Canine parvovirus

Volume 69, Issue 1, Spring 2014, Pages 27-33


B. Mosallanejad; N. Vakili; R. Avizeh; M.R. Seyfiabad Shapouri; M. Pourmahdi

11. Babesia infection in urban and rural dogs in Ahvaz district, Southwest of Iran

Volume 68, Issue 1, Spring 2013, Pages 37-42


A.R. Alborzi; R. Avizeh; B. Mosallanejad; M.H. Razi jalali; H. Hamidi Nejat; R. Taghipour

12. Seroprevalence of Ehrlichia canis in dogs referred to Veterinary Hospital of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran

Volume 65, Issue 1, Summer 2010, Pages 21-26


M.H. Razi Jalali; B. Mosallanejad; R. Avizeh; A.R. Alborzi

13. Antigenic detection of Canine Parainfluenza virus in urban dogs with respiratory disease in Ahvaz area, southwestern Iran

Volume 64, Issue 2, Summer 2009, Pages 115-120


M.R. Seyfiabad Shapouri; R. Avizeh; B. Mosallanejad; B. Ramesh

14. Prevalence of Canine Parvovirus (CPV) in diarrheic dogs referred to veterinary hospital in Ahvaz

Volume 63, Issue 2, Summer 2008, Pages 41-46


R. Avizeh; B. M. Ghorbanpoor Najafabad; B. Mosallanejad; R. A. Ronagh

15. Seroepidemiological investigation of visceral leishmaniasis in dogs of Ahvaz district, Iran

Volume 62, Issue 1, Spring 2007, Pages 31-37


M. Sheikholslami; M. Mohebali; R. Avizeh