Keywords = Avian Influenza
Number of Articles: 11
2. Prevalence of Avian Influenza in Live Bird Markets, Bird Gardens, and Zoos in Iran in 2015: A Cross-sectional Study

Volume 74, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 243-250


M. H. Fallah Mehrabadi; A. Ghalyanchi Langeroudi; A. Bahonar; M. H. Rabiee; F. Tehrani; S. Amirhajloo; k. Steneroden; M.D. Salman

4. Serological Survey of Avian Influenza (H9N2) in Commercial Ostrich Farms in Iran, 2015

Volume 73, Issue 4, Autumn 2018, Pages 325-330


M. H. Fallah Mehrabadi; A. Bahonar; K. Mirzaei; A. Ghalyanchi Langeroudi; S. A. Ghafouri; F. Tehrani; A. Hashemi

6. Development of a Nano-ELISA system for the rapid and sensitive detection of H9N2 avian influenza

Volume 71, Issue 1, Winter 2016, Pages 29-34


S. Imani Gheshlaghchaei; R. Madani; F. Golchinfar; T. Emami; H. Gholami

7. Applying conserved peptides of NS1 Protein of avian influenza virus to differentiate infected from vaccinated chickens

Volume 69, Issue 1, Spring 2014, Pages 41-45


F. Golchinfar; R. Madani; T. Emami; S.A. Pourbakhsh; A.H. Shoushtary

8. Fusion and sequence analysis of the influenza A (H9N2) virus M2e and C-terminal fragment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis HSP70 (H37Rv)

Volume 64, Issue 2, Summer 2009, Pages 71-76


S. Moradi Bidhendi; H. Toghyani; H.R. Varshovi; H. Paykari; A. Mirjalili; M. Tebianian; S.M. Ebrahimi; H.R. Attaran

11. Neuraminidase gene sequence analysis of avian influenza H9N2 viruses isolated from Iran

Volume 62, Issue 2, Spring 2007, Pages 69-74


S.A. Pourbakhsh; R. Toroghi; M. Najafi; S.Z. Gohar; M. Kianizadeh