Author = M. Mahinpoor
Number of Articles: 4
1. Use of human diploid cell MRC - 5, for production of Measles and Rubella virus vaccines

Volume 31, Issue 1, Winter 1979, Pages 97-102


H. Mirchamsy; A. Shafyi; S. Bahrami; M. Kamali; P. Nazari; M. Mahinpoor

2. Studies on the modification of Dorset - Henly medium for the producrtion of bovine tuberculin

Volume 31, Issue 1, Winter 1979, Pages 55-59


H. Hedayati; S. Alé-Agha; M. Mahinpoor; M. Sadri

3. Serological survey on the presence and distribution of equine infectious anaemia in Iran

Volume 30, Issue 1, Winter 1978, Pages 17-23


A. Hazrati; R. Kargar Moakhar; M. Mahinpoor; F. Dayhim

4. Mass immunity against diphtheria and tetanus in sorne urban and rural areas in Iran

Volume 25, Issue 1, Winter 1973, Pages 49-55


F. Nazari; S. Alé-Agha; M. Mahinpoor; H. Mirchamsy