Author = A. Zare Mirakabadi
Number of Articles: 6
3. The anti-tumor efficacy of nanoparticulate form of ICD-85 versus free form

Volume 70, Issue 1, Spring 2015, Pages 29-35


S. Soheily; A. Sarzaem; S. Moradhaseli; A. Zare Mirakabadi; H. Morovati

4. Neutralizing effects of polyvalent antivenom on severe inflammatory response induced by Mesobuthus eupeus scorpion venom

Volume 69, Issue 2, Autumn 2014, Pages 171-177


E. Zayerzadeh; A. Fardipour; A. Zare Mirakabadi; M.K. Koohi

5. An in vitro Comparative study upon the Hemolytic, Thrombogenic, Coagulation parameters and Stability properties of the Hemiscorpiuslepturus Venom

Volume 69, Issue 1, Spring 2014, Pages 69-76


R. Seyedian; S.M. Hoseiny; M. Kamyab; R. Mansury; N. Seyedian; S. Gharibi; A. Zare Mirakabadi

6. Two-step purification and partial characterization of an extra cellular α-amylase from Bacillus licheniformis

Volume 67, Issue 2, Autumn 2012, Pages 155-160


A. Zare Mirakabadi; M. Ghorbanpour; A. Sadeghi; A. Sarzaeem