Author = A. Sotoodehnia
Number of Articles: 10
1. Preparation of agalactia vaccine in fermentor

Volume 62, Issue 1, Spring 2007, Pages 45-48


A. Naseri Rad; A. Moazenijula; A. Sotoodehnia; A. Jabbari

2. Determination of Antibody Response against Inactivated Agalactia Vaccine in Small Ruminants

Volume 60, Issue 1, Winter 2005, Pages 67-76


A. Sotoodehnia; G. Moazeni Jula; R. Madani; F. Golchinfar; A. Naserirad

3. Study on Immunity of an Experimental Oil Adjuvant Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Vaccine in Cattle.

Volume 59, Issue 2, Winter 2005, Pages 95-101


A. Sotoodehnia; G. Moazeni; S. Ataei; B. Omidi

4. Virulence of Avian Serotype A1 Pasteurella multocida for Chickens and Mice.

Volume 58, Issue 1, Spring 2004, Pages 91-96


A. Sotoodehnia; S. Ataie; G.R. Moazeni; A.R. Jabbaei; M. Tabatabaie

5. The Immunological Responses to Various Cell Wall Fractions of Pasteurella multocida in Chicken

Volume 56, Issue 1, Summer 2003, Pages 59-70


F. Esmaily; A.R. Jabari; A. Sotoodehnia; G.R. Moazeni Jula

8. The efficacy of the autogenous fowl cholera killed aluminum hydroxide vaccine in ducks in Iran

Volume 34.35, Issue 1, Winter 1984, Pages 71-74


A. Sotoodehnia; J. Aarabi; J. Vand Yoosefi; A. Tavasoli