Volume & Issue: Volume 76, Issue 4, September and October 2021, Pages 707-1154 

Review Article

Lifestyle Genetics-Based Reports in the Treatment of Obesity

Pages 707-719


A Gasmi; P. K Mujawdiya; S Noor; S Piscopo; A Menzel

Mini Review

Therapeutic Potential of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Canine Medicine

Pages 721-730


K Sharun; K Jambagi; K Dhama; R Kumar; A. M Pawde; - Amarpal

Epidemiology and Molecular Characterization of Seasonal Influenza Viruses in Iraq

Pages 871-877


I. M Aufi; A. M Khudhair; L Ghaeb AL-Saadi; M. A Almoneem Ahmed; F. M Mahdi Shukur

Effects of Naringenin on Experimentally Induced Rheumatoid Arthritis in Wistar Rats

Pages 903-912


A Hajizadeh; S. M Abtahi Froushani; A. A Tehrani; S Azizi; S. R Bani Hashemi

Assessment of Interleukin-8 in Bronchial Asthma in Iraq

Pages 913-923


M Faeqali Jan; H Muneer Al-Khafaji; B Hasan Al-Saadi; M. K Aneed Al-Saedi

Investigation of Taurine Derivative Magnesium-Bis-(2-Aminoethanesulfonic)-Butadioateon Alleviation of Neurological Defects in Simulated Hemorrhagic Stroke in Rats

Pages 985-994


N. I Nesterova; E. A Patrakhanov; V. V Pokrovskii; I. V Pirozhkov; T. G Pokrovskaya; N. B Levit; M. I Ivanova; S. N. M Kizi; A. V Nesterov; V. I Shutov; Y. A Hoshchenko

Evaluation of Rat Brain Morphology Following the Induction of Acute Meningitis Treated with Ceftriaxone

Pages 1005-1012


A. A Agarkova; A. V Tverskoi; V. N Morozov; A. V Tverskaya; E. N Morozova; T. S Mukhina

Evaluation of the Neuroprotective Effect of Magnesium-Bis-(2-Aminoethanesulfonic)-Butanedioate in Simulated Ischemic Stroke in Rats

Pages 1025-1034


N. I Nesterova; V. V Pokrovskii; E. A Patrakhanov; I. V Pirozhkov; T. G Pokrovskaya; N. B Levit; I M.I; S. N. M. Kizi; A. V Nesterov; V. I Shutov; Y Yuri A. Hoshchenko

Evaluation of New Immunohistochemical Approaches for the Study of Kidney Tumors in Geriatric

Pages 1107-1113


T. V Pavlova; N. B Pilkevich; D. V Bessmertnyi; I. A Pavlov; D. V Atiakshin; L. A Pavlova

Effect of Cystamine on Sperm and Antioxidant Parameters of Ram Semen Stored at 4 °C for 50 Hours

Pages 1115-1123


J Jumintono; S Alkubaisy; D Yánez Silva; K Singh; A Turki Jalil; S Mutia Syarifah; Y Fakri Mustafa; I Mikolaychik; L Morozova; M Derkho

Mare’s Milk: Composition, Properties, and Application in Medicine

Pages 1125-1135


A Musaev; S Sadykova; A Anambayeva; M Saizhanova; G Balkanay; M Kolbaev