Volume & Issue: Volume 73, Issue 3, Summer 2018 

Review Article

1. Chitosan-based Nanoparticles in Mucosal Vaccine Delivery

Pages 165-176


M. Mehrabi; H. Montazeri; N. Mohamadpour Dounighi; A. Rashti; R. Vakili-Ghartavol

Short Communication

8. Bioinformatics Analysis of Upstream Region and Protein Structure of Fungal Phytase Gene

Pages 229-237


M. Gholizadeh; M.R. Nassiry; M. R. Saberi; A. A. Haddad-Mashadrizeh

9. Diagnosis of Avian Mycoplasmas: A Comparison between PCR and Culture Technique

Pages 239-244


F. Muhammad; J. Hussain; S. K. Fareed; T. Ahmad Khan; S. Ahmad Khan; A. Ahmad