Retrospective Detection of Avibacterium Paragallinarum Serovar B in Egg Yolk Materials by PCR


1 Department of Avian Bacterial Diseases, Research & Diagnosis, Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Karaj, Iran

2 Department of Avian Viral Deseasesazi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Karaj, Iran


Avibacterium paragallinarum is Gram-negative bacteria that cause infectious coryza (IC), an acute respiratory disease of chickens. Despite vaccination of Layer and breeder farms of Iran against IC, they are still experiencing the disease clinically and there is no knowledge of serotypes prevalence of this bacterium in this country. This study designed to determine serovar identity by molecular identification tests of previously studied isolates from Iran that were inactivated accidentally in egg yolk storing culture media. Genomes of the isolates extracted from egg yolk and then were subjected to two set of PCR tests using by published group specific and Page's serovar specific primers. The later primers were based on sequence differences in hypervariable region of haemagglutinin protein of Av. paragallinarum. These two sequential PCR confirmed that the bacteria were Av. paragallinarum and were associated to Page's serotype B. This is the first report of molecular detection of serotype B of Av. paragallinarum from Iran.