An Epidemiological Study on Scorpion Stings in Lordegan County, south-west of Iran



Scorpion sting is a common important health problem in south-west of Iran. The present descriptive
retrospective study was conducted to make new information on scorpionism in the Lordegan County(2002-
2006). Data collected in this study revealed that the highest incidence of scorpion sting cases was taken
place in spring (49.72%) in 2006. The scorpions which have brought by the pateints to the Lordegan health
centre, were identified as Androctonus crassicauda, Hemiscorpius lepturus, Mesobuthus eupeus,
Compsobuthus sp. and Scorpio maurus. The epidemiology data suggest injection antivenin of scorpions to
the victims as a good way to reduce the scorpion mortalities and injuries in this area.