Experimental studies of pathogenecity of Chicken Infectious Anaemia Virus (3 isolates) in Iran



To evaluate pathogenicity of 3 Chicken Anemia Virus isolates-CV1, CV2 and CV3 respectively - the current experiment carried out. After tittering of the viruses, 30 one day old SPF chicks were grouped and intramuscularly inoculated with each isolate in a separate group. Two other groups as positive and control groups were inoculate with a live vaccine virus and normal saline respectively. During the study the birds in first three groups clinically showed raffling feathers, depression and body weight reduction. After 18 days they were weighed, bled and euthanized. Three birds were found dead during the experiment (one in each tested group). Antibodies against CAV in the serum of all 3 groups were detected while no antibody found in negative control group. Hematocrit Values of the three tested groups were under the normal. Grossly the thymus and bursa tissues were severely atrophied. Bone marrow became yellowish and pale. In histopathological study we found aplasia and devoid of erythroid and myeloid cells replacing by fat cells in bone marrow. Severe atrophy and depletion in thymus ,bursa of Fabricius and bone marrow tissues statistically were analyzed and showed that the significance difference in comparing with control groups ( p