StudyCapture myopathy in red deer and wild goat



This syndrome is a shock-like hyper metabolic myopathy triggered in susceptible animals by stress. Capture
myopathy (C.M.) is a commonly occurring condition in mammals following trapping and transportation. In
this case 12 to 24 hours after transportation of red deer (Cevus elaphus) and wild goats (Capra ibex) clinical
signs such as: muscular tremor, ataxia, recumbency, hyperthermia, tachycardia, hyperventilation and red
brown urine observed. According to symptoms Capture myoparthy was diagnosed Treatment was
ineffective on one red deer and one wild goat. Necropsy findings of dead animals were included:
hyperemia, petechial hemorrhage in pericardium and heart muscle, pale foci of leg and heart muscles and
red brown urine in bladder. This case report represents the attention to Capture myopathy in wild animals
and particular caution that should be exercised in capturing and handling of these animals.