A Dynamic Model for Promotion of Iranian Pharmaceutical and Biological Enterprises



  The purpose of this paper is to make explicit how companies in pharmaceutical sector can ensure their position in different markets by relying on a sustainable competitive advantages resulted from using a good defined marketing model. Various factors are highlighted including high research and development roles and costs, hard government regulation in frame of GMP standard, market analysis tools and framework and pharmaceutical marketing specific functions. The marketing model outlined in this paper was developed from both secondary and primary sources. To this end, a literature review, along with a number of personal interviews and a focus group session were conducted. These information sources were then completed by a field survey by selecting the research population which involved managers within pharmaceutical companies in Iran. The research strategy undertook was descriptive. The resulted marketing model can be used to interpret complex relationships that are evident in a marketing system .This model can also be used by marketing practitioners to enhance communication between corporate level staff and other lower levels staff and to implement and/or facilitate the strategic marketing concept within a pharmaceutical company. Besides, the model can be used to focus attention on risk reduction /elimination associated with market entry. In fact, the main advantage of this model is to study a market for introducing a new product and/or to enter into new markets for existing products.