Study of morphometrical values of Iranobuthus krali (Scorpiones:Buthidae) from Fars province , Southern Iran



Morphometrical study of Iranobuthus krali (Kovarik,1997) is given on the basis of 6 specimens collected from Fars province,Southern IranThe specimens was captured by forceps under UV light during field studies in this province.Iranobuthus is easily distinguished from Compsobuthus Vachon,1949 by it's size and it differs from genera Androctonus Hemprich & Ehremberg, 1828 Hottentotta and Mesobuthus Vachon,1950 in that the central median and posterior median carinae on the Carapace are joint and formation a continuous linear series of granules at the posterior margin.All the specimens are retained in the RRLS's collection.