A Faunistic Survey of Cercariae Isolated from Melanoides tuberculata and Their Role in Transmission Diseases.



To funistic survey of the cercariae of Melanoides tuberulata (fresh water snail) 1540 M.tuberculata were collected from various streams, swamps, ditches and canals in the central area of Khouzestan province in the south west of Iran. Infected snails, 46 (2.9%), were isolated and cercariae were obtained by emerging or crushing methods and then measuring and drawing were made from specimens. In some cases experimental infection was established in the animals for further identification. A total of 5 trematode families were identified as follow: Heterophyidae: Haplorchis pumilio, H.taishui, Stellantchasmus falcatus and Centrocestus formosanus; Echinostomatidae: Echinochasmus milvi; Schistosomatidae; Plagiorchiidae and Philophtalmidae. These results have been recorded for the first time and show the potential of M. tuberculata for transmission of zoonotic disease in the region.