Study on Mycoplasmal pneumonia at the Ziaran abattoir



  I n a survey of pneumonia due to Mycoplasma 282 out of 12168 ovine and caprine lung condemnation were collected (2.32%). Mycoplasma spp. has been isolated from pneumonic cases in 4 sheep and 2 goats. PCR studies were confirmed the genus of Mycoplasma although attempting for identification of strains M. mycoides, M. capricolum/caprine pleuropneumonia and M. arginin were in failure. The lesions initially showed raised consolidation at the right cranio-ventral lobes .Histopathological observations revealed purulent interstitial pneumonia & bronchitis (33.33%) purulent bronchopneumonia (33.33%) purulent fibrinous pneumonia (16.6%) and progressive pneumonia (16.6%). This approach has the potential to allow the recognition of genus of Mycoplasma as a primary factor for inducing pneumonia.