Survey on pneumonic pasteurellosis in slaughtered sheep and goats at the Ziaran abattoir



  This study was carried out at the Razi Institute during 2005-2006 with inspecting 12168 lung tissue of slaughtered sheep and goats at the Ziaran Abattoir. Pneumonia were diagnosed in 282 cases and the affected lung tissue was collected and transferred to the Bacteriology and Pathology Departments for isolating of Pasteurella spp. and interpretation of histopathologic lesions. Pasteurella multocida was isolated from 120 cases. Histopathology sections indicated purulent bronchopneumonia 0.51%, purulent interstitial bronchopneumonia 0.17%, purulent bronchitis / bronchiolitis 0.12%, purulent pleuritis / pleuropneumonia 0.07%, purulent fibrinous bronchopneumonia 0.04%, purulent pneumonia 0.09% and progressive pneumonia 0.01%. Statistical analysis of data showed that the frequency of outbreak in the various seasons was significantly different in sheep (P