Detection of Salmonella spp contamination of carcasses slaughtered in poultry abattoir in Mashhad, Iran



  A total of 60 neck skin swab samples were taken from 12 different broiler flocks after the chilling stage of processing at a commercial broiler slughtering facility in Mashhad. The presence of Salmonella was assessed by conventional culture method and confirmed by using poly O and poly H antiserum in serotyping. PCR amplification of invA gene as a specific method for detection of Salmonella was evaluated. In this study Salmonella was isolated from 11.66% of samples by conventional culture method, then in serological test 28.6% of them detected as serogroup B and 71.4% as serogroup C. In this investigation all positive results by conventional culture method were confirmed by PCR amplification. Because of rapidity and high specificity and sesitivity of PCR method, by standardization of this method, it could be concidered as an alternative to conventional culture method for confirmation of Salmonella presence in raw poultry meat.