Nematode Association with Bellamya bengalensis Snail and Its Medical and Veterinary Importance in Khouzestan Province (South West of Iran)



Limited studies have been done on nematodes of Bellamya bengalensis (fresh water snails) in the world. Following, our clinical observations on eye disease in a fish ponds, which were contained Bellamaya bengallensis snails, present study was made to determine of nematodes fauna of Bellamya bengalensis and evaluation of their medical and veterinary importance in Khouzestan province. For this purpose, 1143 Bellamya snails were collected from Ahoudasht and Chogha Mish regions, including fish pond in the central areas of Khouzestan province during 2002-2003. Bellamya snails examined for nematodes with emerging or crushing methods and identified by systematic key references. In addition, to confirm of clinical observations in the field, an experimental infection protocol was designed in our laboratory. From the total of Bellamya snails which examined for nematodes, 27(2.36%) snails were found to be infected with Oionchus nematode parasite. In the experimental infection, cloudy appearance of cornea was observed. These results have been recorded for the first time and show the importance of Bellamaya snails in the region