Author = M. Amighi
Number of Articles: 7
2. The situation of foot and mouth disease virus types and subtypes in Iran in 1980-1983

Volume 34.35, Issue 1, Winter 1984, Pages 55-60


M.R. Firouzi Bandpay; M. Amighi; M. Lombard; R. Piroird; M. Salehizadeh

3. Etude preliminaire de l'association de vaccins antiaphteux et antibrucellique

Volume 31, Issue 1, Winter 1979, Pages 45-53


M.B. Mastan; M. Amighi; A. Ardelan; M.R. Firouzi Bandpay; A. Ebadi; Y. Farsi

4. Studies on the rapid production of Foot and Mouth disease hypenmmune antisera in guinea pigs

Volume 31, Issue 1, Winter 1979, Pages 61-65


M.R. Firoozi Bandpay; M. Amighi; M.B. Mastan

7. La Fièvre Aphteuse et la méthode de préparation du vaccin anti-aphteux

Volume 15, Issue 1, Winter 1963, Pages 33-44


H. Ramyar; M. Amighi; M. Hessami