Volume & Issue: Volume 72, Issue 3, Summer 2017 

Original Articles

1. Analysis of variations, structures, and phylogenic characteristics of bovine leukocyte antigen DRB3 exon2

Pages 147-157

M. M. Ranjbar; S. Ataei; Gh. Nikbakht Brujeni; S. Golabdar

2. Isolation and Detection of Mycoplasma agalactiae from Semen Samples of Goats

Pages 159-164

S. A. Pourbakhsh; A. R. Abtin; A. Ashtari; B. Kheirkhah; M. A. Bayatzadeh; Salimeh Ahangran

4. The Characteristics of an Ovine Lymphoid Cell-Line sensitive to Vaccinal Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Strain

Pages 173-179

S. Zandieh; Mohsen Lotfi; M. Kamalzadeh; N. Shiri; E. Parmour; A. Eshaghi; S. Masoudi; M. H. Hablolvarid; A. Shoushtari; H. Goudarzi; S. M. J. Taher Mofrad; S. Amanpour

5. Evaluation of Cytotoxic Effect and Antioxidant Activity of Grape Seed Extract, Crocin, and Phenytoin

Pages 181-187

N. Razmaraii; H. Babaei; A. Mohajjel Nayebi; S. Ahdi Khosroshahi; S. Farajnia

Short Communication

6. Molecular and Microscopic Detection of Theileria spp. among Cattle and Buffaloes in West Azarbaijan, Iran

Pages 189-195

B. Narimani; N. Hoghooghi-Rad; P. Shayan; S. Rahbari

7. Molecular Detection of Hepatozoon canis in Dogs of Ardabil Province, Northwest of Iran

Pages 197-201

A. Dalimi; F. Jameie; A. Mohammadiha; M. Barati; S. Molaei

8. The Fauna and Active Season of Mosquitoes in West of Fars Province, Southwest of Iran

Pages 203-208

Z. Soltani; D. Keshavarzi; M. Ebrahimi; A. Soltani; M. J. Moemenbellah-Fard; F. Soltani; H. Faramarzi; K. Amraee; A. Elyasigomari