Seroprevalence investigation of Newcastle Disease in rural Poultries of the Northern Provinces (Golestan, Gilan, and Mazandaran) of Iran

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1 specialist

2 موسسه رازی

3 poultery department

4 Department of Microbiology, , Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University,Tehran,Iran


Rural poultry farming is popular among Northern provinces. Rural poultry like commercial poultries are susceptible to most of infectious diseases such as Newcastle viruses. In addition, by increasing the density of poultry farming, the probability of disease occurrence has been increased. Among the most important diseases, Newcastle disease has most of importance. Newcastle disease virus is endemic in Iran, and causes incidence of outbreaks among commercial and rural poultries, every year. The present study is conducted with the objective of figuring out the prevalence status and virus circulation among rural poultries of Northern provinces of Iran. In the study, 70 villages in 3 provinces (20 villages in Mazandaran, 20 villages in Golestan and 30 villages in Gilan Province) and a total of 1374 birds (600 birds in Mazandaran, 400 birds in Golestan, 374 birds in Gilan province) were sampled. A village considered as epidemiological unit. In the study, birds of 67 villages (96%) were found positive ( presence of antibodies against NDV) including Golestan Province, 28 villages (93.3%), Mazandaran Province, 19 villages (95%) and 20 villages of Gilan province (100%) Moreover, out of 1374 birds, 616 (45%) of them were seropositive against NDV. According to the results of this study, the rate of seroprevalence is very high in both levels of villages and level of birds. Such with this high rate of seroprevalence is indicative of continuous exposures of rural poultry of the mentioned provinces to Newcastle virus and high virus circulation rate of these viruses in the studied provinces.


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